Flat Stanley
goes to
Dear Explorers,

Flat Stanley had a wonderful time in Wisconsin.  He was a bit cold without a coat to wear.  We
still have snow on the ground, and Stanley wanted to go out and play in it.  Without a coat, we
didn't want to take him outside, so we wrapped him in a blanket and took a picture of him with
our Packer Tazmanien Devil yard guard.  Stanley and Taz had a great time in the snow.  After
experiencing snow for the first time Stanley was ready to come in where it was warm.  He
ventured into the garage for a while to help Uncle Adam work on his car.  Stanley was a great
help to Uncle Adam and can't wait to get a ride in the car when it is finally redy to go out on the
road.  After that Stanley learned about deer hunting in Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers.  
Stanley learned that deer hunting is a big thing in Wisconsin.  Every fall hunters from all over
Wisconsin buy their hunting licenses and head to the woods to get their big deer.  Stanley had
his picture taken with the deer that Uncle Adam got two years ago.  So far Uncle Adam has the
biggest deer in his hunting party.  Yeah for Uncle Adam!!  The last thing that Stanley learned
about, and the most important, was the Green Bay Packers.  Stanley wanted to visit the home
of the Packers, Lambeau Field, but it is a bit far for us to drive, so he had to settle for the
Packer Room in our house.  Stanley could hardley believe all the Packer stuff we have.  He
insisted on having his picture taken with all this Packer stuff.  I think we have convinced Stanley
that he must cheer for the Packers when the football season starts again in the fall.  We told him
that if he can convince his exploerer to send him to us in the fall, we would try to get him to a
game.  He was very excited!

Thank you for sending Flat Stanley to our house in Wisconsin.  We had a great time showing
him some of what makes our state great.